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An extremely durable synthetic fiber with 0% water absorption and natural floating property, that sheds moss and algae, is marking-pen friendly, and can be trimmed to any desired length with a scissor.
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0% Water Absorption - On the first backcast whatever water is on the fly will flick right off and the fly will be bone dry by the time it hits the water.

Non-Stick Material - In the summer months you can have a ton of algae and other green stuff in the water.  It can be a nightmare cleaning the fly of all that junk.  With synthetic, you don’t have to worry about that.

Natural Floating Property - Seriously, these things float, no floatant of any kind is necessary with this material.

Extreme Durability - Synthetic is much more durable than natural.  You will catch fish after fish on the same fly, no problem.

Trim to Size - The biggest advantage in my opinion: you can easily trim these fibers to your desired size.  Say you’re fishing a specific hatch, and all of a sudden you have refusal. Maybe the fly is too big and you don’t have anything smaller with you.  Just grab your scissor,  give a quick trim, and you’re ready to throw that fly back in the water immediately.  You cannot do that with natural material.

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